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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to setup Google Chromecast

. Connect Chromecast to HDMI port of the TV
. If it is not possible to connect Chromecast to TV HDMI port directly, connect the HDMI Extender cable to TV HDMI port, then connect Extender cable to Chromecast
. If USB port on TV is available, connect Chromecast to USB cable, then USB cable to TV USB port
. If TV does not have USB port, connect power adaptor to Chromecast, then plug power adaptor to electric power socket
. Switch on TV and Chromecast
. Change TV input to the correct HDMI port
. Once connected to the right HDMI port, you should get a Chromecast setup screen telling you to go to and your Chromecast id which may read as chromecast1234
. Using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, download the Chromecast App from either Google Playstore or Apple Playstore
. Accept the terms. App will scan for Chromecast
. Go to WiFi settings and select your Chromecast which in the example is Chromecast1234, then wait for it to connect