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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Record webinar: Applian Replay Video Capture

The best tool to record webinar is the Applian Replay Video Capture.  All you need is to open the software, click
GET VIDEO > RECORD > Start webinar
and Replay Video Capture will record the webinar.

Applian Replay Video Capture record webinar
Applian Replay Video Capture record webinar

However, it is important to note that the recorded file is not saved to the same folder as the Applian Replay Media Capture. Here are the steps to locate the recorded file:

 Open program > Click SETTINGS > TOOLS (toolbar at the top) > SETUP STORAGE FOLDER

When I do that on my computer, what get is a popup which showed the cascading folders and at the top of the popup it showed

C:\Users\BlogStar\Videos\RVC Recordings

So to get the recorded file, open Windows Explorer and find the folder RVC Recordings folder.