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Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to create and embed Google map

There would likely arise a time when creating a Google map and embedding it in a blog post would be advantages, so how do we proceed to create and embed a map?

First thing is sign into a Google account then go to Google map. At the bottom left corner there will be a small icon that looks like a gear. Click on the gear icon and click MY PLACES. See screenshot below:

Google map: My places

At the top left in the new window you should see a CREATE MAP button but I would suggest you do not click on that. Instead, slightly below the button there would be a OR CREATE WITH CLASSIC MY MAP. Click on that link. (see screenshot below):

Create with classic my map

Next, using the search box, search for the location of the place you want to create a map for.

Google map showing Googleplex location

When you have found it after clicking on CREATE WITH CLASSIC MY MAP, at the top left corner, click on that blue place marker (Add a place marker, see screenshot below)

Google map add a place marker

Click on that blue place marker then move to the location you want to mark and drop it there. Type in the map title and description in the relevant box then click SAVE and DONE.

Google map place marker title and description

At the top right, you should see an icon that look like part of a chain link. Click on that and you get a popup with 2 boxes but only the SHORT URL is not grayed out and is available to copy. Copy that link, open a different browser, paste that short url you had copied and this time at the top you would see 2 similar both but this time both boxes are not grayed out and both available to copy. Copy that code in the "Paste HTML to embed in website" and this will be the embed code you can use to paste into a post editor in the Edit HTML mode.

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