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Friday, June 29, 2012

Insert AdSense ads automatically in posts with Wordpress plugin

The best place to insert ads is in areas upon which a reader's attention is focused on, and that is within the post content itself, not in the sidebar or footer. And to avoid ad blindness, it is best that the ad is rotated around different positions.

This can be easily be done automatically with this free open source All in One AdSense wordpress plugin.

The features of the plugin are
. Automatically insert Google Adsense ads in to your wordpress blog posts.
. No manual work required, ad code is dynamically inserted into your existing and new wordpress posts.
. You could optionally specify not to show ads in a post by using tag
. You could optionally specify where to start the ads in a post by using tag
. You could optionally specify where to stop the ads in a post by using tag
. Decrease ad blindness by giving you the option to randomly place your ad within your posts.
. You could optionally define absolute ad position instead of random position.
. You could optionally define random ad network to maximize earnings from both networks.
. Allow you to pick how many total ads to show on one page.
. Allow you to pick how many ads to show in one post.
. Plugin is compatible with the new WordPress Multi-User(WPMU) mode

The All in One AdSense plugin has a built-in donation feature allowing user to donate a percentage of their earnings to the creator which when enabled will get the author's ads to occasionally appear depending on the percentage set. It can also be turned off by setting the percentage to zero.

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