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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Background and pattern image resources

If you like to play with background images for your blog, these free background image resources will be useful:

1. BrushEzzy
2. Squid Fingers
3. Pattern 8
4. Din Pattern
5. BG Repeat

Colour scheme resources

Your blog should have a pleasing color scheme and there are many websites offering help with colour schemes. Some of them are:

1. Colour Lovers
2. Kuler
3. Pictaculous
4. Color Scheme Designer

When you have 2 colors in mind and will like to find colors in between that will blend well, you can use this

Color Blender where you can use the numbers of colors in between to blend from 1 upwards.

Resources for dummy text generator for filler posts

When you want to do a test blog to test your new template, layouts, etc., you may need to publish filler posts which does nothing but fill up the space.

For these, it will be useful to use dummy text generators, some of which are listed below:
1. Blind text generator
2. HTML Ipsum (this gives more choices and flexibility)
3. Lorem lipsum