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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Google Adsense Privacy Pollicy generator

If you have Google AdSense ads in your blog or website, it is a requirement that you have comply to their Adsense privacy policy requirements.

The easiest way that I know of creating is to use a generator and the one I have been using so far and found satisfactory (other than it displaying my email address and exposing it to email harvestors) is to use SERPRANK adsense privacy policy generator.

To overcome the above mentioned display of email address, one of the way is to copy the generated privacy policy into Notepad and then go to
Menu bar > Edit > Replace
and use Notepad replace with myemail[at]email[dot]com

Alternatively you can create a graphic email address and then make a clickable picture/image to replace the email address with the clickable graphic email address

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