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Monday, October 11, 2010

How to crop and resize images with Irfanview - Video tutorial

Hello, welcome to our tutorial on how to crop and resize photos using Irfanview. To accurately set our cropping region we will need to zoom out until we can see the entire image on our screen. Do this by clicking on the zoom button Irfanview zoom buttons in the toolbar. To further adjust the region we want to crop, click and drag the mouse around the image to the right size. To further adjust the cropping area, click and drag on the sides of the box. When happy with the region we wish to crop, move to the EDIT menu, and select the CROP option. Our image has now been cropped, but it is still too large. To resize the image, click the IMAGE menu and choose the Resize/Resample option. Our new image size will be highlighted by default, and in here I shall type 900 pixels which is the size we wish the image to be. Make sure the Preserve Aspect Ratio box is ticked, and click OK. Our image has now been resized and we need to save it. Move to the FILE menu, select SAVE AS, browse to the directory you wish to save your file in. Give your file a new name, and adjust the compression ratio. 75% gives you the ideal compromise between the file size and quality. And I would'nt recommend anything less than 60% as this results in undesirable compression artifacts. Now click SAVE and there you have it, you have cropped and resized your first photo using Irfanview and hope you enjoyed our tutorial.

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