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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Free Screen Recorder - Introduction, tutorial and review

The FREE SCREEN RECORDER (have to write the name in upper case because that, FREE SCREEN RECORDER, is the name of this screen recorder that is free courtesy of NBXSoft) is a small 600KB download with a very simple GUI:

Free Screen Recorder GUI


1) Start Free Screen Recorder, click the General options button Free Screen Recorder general options button to open General Options dialog. You can set the region of the screen to be recorded.

2) Click video options button video options button to open Video Options dialog. You can set the video codec of the AVI file, video quality and framerate.

3) Click Audio Options button audio options button to open Audio Options dialog. You can set the audio format, frequency, bitrate, channel etc.

4) Click cursor options button cursor options button to open Cursor Options dialog. You can set the cursor's shape and highlight options.

5) Click HotKey button Hot Key button to open Hotkey Options dialog. You can set the start / pause / stop hotkey of the recording.

6) Click the Record button record button or press the start hotkey to start recording. And click button or press the stop hotkey to stop recording.

7) And if anytime you get stuck, just click the Help button

Note: If in the Video Options section you have set to record whole screen, it would be good to tick the [ ] Minimize the program to hide the Free Screen Recorder GUI and use the hot keys to start/pause recording (default F8) and stop (F9).

I have made a quickie test and you can see an example in the video made to "teach how to play "Complete a circuit, light a bulb" game. The video is near the bottom of this post Review: Educational game - build circuit light bulb

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