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Monday, October 11, 2010

Email reminder easiest method

The Easiest Way to Setup Email Reminders
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Do you ever want to email something to yourself so that you can remember it later?

It happens to me all the time especially when I am on a mobile phone. For instance, if I come across a cool site that I would want to check out later from the desktop, I just send the URL to my own email account. If I have an idea for a blog or need to remember something, I jot it down in a message and email it to myself.

Now there are quite a few apps that can help you schedule email based reminders, including Google Calendar, but if you prefer to have something really simple that you can use from your email program itself and one that requires no setup, check out FollowUpThen.

With FollowUpThen, you can quickly setup custom email reminders using email itself. Just send a message to and the service will send you a copy of the same email message after the specified time interval.

Here are some sample date formats that you may use while setting up email reminders: (get a reminder at 6 PM exact) (get a reminder at 6 PM tomorrow) (get a reminder after 10 minutes) (remind me after 3 days) (remind me the next Tuesday) (setup email reminders for a specific date)
The service recognizes time zones from the email headers so if you setup a reminder for 11 AM, you’ll be reminded as per your time zone. You may also setup recurring email reminders with FollowUpThen though an online calendar would be a more suitable option for such tasks.

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