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Saturday, October 2, 2010

CamStudio Screen Recorder Video Tutorial

In this tutorial I will be showing you a little known program called CamStudio. CamStudio is the program I am using right now to capture what you are seeing, everything that you are seeing. Everything I move on this video is captured by CamStudio. So it is a screen recorder. It's absolutely free, it's open source so you can see the source code for it and it's a really good program. To download it, all you have to do is go to Google, type "download cam studio". This is the first result. Scroll all the way down. Oops, passed it. Here it is. Use SourceForge, I don't know. You can go to SourceForge, or you can click these convenient links. This is CamStudio, and this is the LossLess Codec. So you download CamStudio. You open it, now you have CamStudio here. I recommend you install LossLess Codec, it's pretty useful.

So now we go to OPTION > VIDEO OPTIONS, and now we are going to set the compressor. Compressors are so that your video turns out to be small file size, for example, instead of the movie being 500mB, it is going to be 5mB. It is reasonable enough to upload on Youtube. Youtube have a 100mB limit for videos. Using the Compressor will make it much smaller. By default, Microsoft Video 1 is the compressor. It will make your video files huge files size, so don't use it. Use DivX or CamStudio Lossless Codex. DivX is free so you can download it. DivX Pro is not free. So download the free version. Uncheck the boxes that ask you for the DivX Player, the DivX Converter and other stuff. Only install the Codec. And also you can configure the BitRate to 256. Click this button here. And you want to reset Settings. Set Key Frames every 30 seconds. You need to adjust the Auto Adjust button. Capture Frames Every 50 milliseconds and Playback Rate every 20 frames/second. By default, the options in CamStudio don't work. And if they do work, they set it up to something like time lapse feature, meaning your audio and video are not synchronized. So I recommend you use these settings, DivX. Everything works great. OK now just go to OK.

Now you are ready to record. You can record whatever you want now. But let's configure the audio. Set Record audio from microphone. Record audio from speakers will record will record the studio mix, meaning that if you are recording a video game or something, it will capture the audio, too that is coming from your computer.

So we have Record audio from microphone. I'm going to set the audio option to microphone and I am going to reset it to smaller format. I like using Lame MP3. Click Choose compress format. By default, it's PCM. If you have MPEG Layer 3 around, I'll recommend you use that. PCM I guess it's OK. It's not horrible. But I like Lame MP3, it makes the video a little bit smaller. The download Lame MP3. You have to download it. You go to Google and I am going to search Lame download. Audacity have a quick link page. That will let you download it from Windows. Just click Lame MP3. Lame download page, and click one of those links. Save this file. You have it right here. Go ahead and unzip it with your Zip program. I like 7-zip. You can use WinZip or WinDrive. And here we have the files. Ignore everything except ACM, and right-click here (LameACM.inf) and Install. This will install Lame in your computer.

Now if you open CamStudio again. If you go to Tools, Audio Options, microphone, you should have Lame MP3 as an option in this list. 32 kBits and 22,050 Hz Mono is really good. It makes your audio files really small. So you will have compressed audio and compressed video that will show up well on Youtube. It has a lot of options like Cursor options. I think all these are basically pretty straight forward. Eh 320 by 240 is the Youtube default size. So it's usually good enough. Again if you want to teach your friend how to download music online. You want to show them how to do something. There is always great demand for video tutorials and visual learning online. So upload your video tutorials. This is a tutorial Thanks for checking it out.

Download CamStudio

Download Lame

Download Divx

You can also use xvid

Make sure width and height are divisible by 2. Use fraps or taksi for games, don't be a retard and try to screencapture a dvd. For more info search "camstudio faq" on google.

Also try ffdshow tryouts. If it says error using default compressor make the width and height divisible by two of your recording area.

Post your video tutorials or misc screen recordings as reply videos. Riverpast and Camtasia are good too... but then again they're not free.

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