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Friday, September 17, 2010

Google SketchUp Part 1: Concepts

SketchUp New User Series

Video 1: Concepts of Sketchup (see transcript

Transcript: SketchUp Concepts

We try hard to make SketchUp fun and easy even for complete new users. To get you started out, there are some concepts behind SketchUp that you should know about.

The first thing that you need to understand is that SketchUp is 3D. When working in 3D, here are the essential tools you must know.

This is the Orbit tool Google Sketchup drawing tool. Click this tool to look around your 3D model. You can see how the tool works letting us look above, below and orbit our view anywhere around the model.

The next tool for working in 3D is the ZOOM tool Google Sketchup Zoom tool. This one is pretty obvious, letting you to zoom into the model and away from it.

And finally there is the PAN tool Google Sketchup PAN tool. Panning will move your view from side to side and up and down without orbiting.

So that's it. Orbit, Zoom and PAN are the 3 tools you need to understand first to be successful in SketchUp.

Here is an example. We like to examine some details on the other side of this desk. Use ORBIT to look around, ZOOM to get in closer, and PAN to center the object in our view, etc.

Now that you know how to navigate, try this. If you are using a 3 button scroll wheel mouse, use the scroll wheel to navigate. Roll the wheel forward and back to zoom, press and hold the wheel to orbit, while pressing the wheel also hold the SHIFT key on your to pan.

Now that you know how to move around inside of SketchUp, it's time to learn what really makes SketchUp special. What is the big idea that makes SketchUp so easy and so fun to use? You simply draw SketchUp draw line tool your shape to start. Then the magic happen. Use the simple "shape?" (PUSH-PULL tool) SketchUp Push/Pull tool and pull them into 3D object.

Draw more shape and pull those into 3D object. That is it. That's the big idea. Draw up the shape and pull them into 3D. Of course SketchUp can do far more that this. But if you understand this key concept, you are well on your way to become a SketchUp expert.

What makes SketchUp so easy?

1. Draw a shape
2. Pull that into 3D
3. Repeat

So let's review. There are 2 main concept for you to understand about SketchUp. The first is that SketchUp is all about 3D and working in 3D is all about the ORBIT, ZOOM an PAN tools which are built right into the scroll wheel of your mouse. Use this often.

The second concept or big idea is that 3 D can start with a simple shape. Draw a shape and pull it into 3d, and repeat over and over and over again.

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