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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Free watermark software deter copycats

If you are concerned about the photos or images you upload to the Internet are copied and used without your permission, one thing among others that you can do is to add a watermark to the photo like the one below:

sample watermarked image to deter copycats

The software used to add a watermark to the above image was made by TSR Watermark Image software which you can download and use for free for personal use. TSR Watermark Image Software is best suited to large batches of files, where it can perform the same, repetitive operation innumerable times. However, you can also easily watermark a single image if that is what you want to do.

Below is a screenshot of the GUI (graphic user interface) of TSR Waternark image software:

watermark software GUI

However, if you are not keen on downloading software into your computer, there are also online watermarking tools such as Picmarkr

Read also Wikipedia: Digital Watermark

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